ISM redesign

Website redesign for ID department

In October, 2014, I was asked to add some new pages to a site.

But then, I found the site was a little disappointing, and interestingly the original design was actually good.

So I remade the site after permitted, and added some extra adjustments by discussing with the designer and interviewing people.


My implementation was much more accurate than the original implementation, because I had redesigned the code structure.

I also made some changes in my design from the perspective of usability.

My Design (changed alignment, deleted "workshop")

Original Design

My Design (deleted the arrow before breadcrumb, altered layout)

Original Design

Besides, I regrouped the contents in navigation and corrected its English translation.

New information architecture

Old information architecture

New Pages

Binocular vision

Website redesign for ID department

Real Size Display

Minecraft winter home

EEG research

Prototyping of orientation page

WeChat + Dictation

Minecraft seaside woodhouse