WeChat + Dictation

WeChat + Dictation

Problem: long record

WeChat is a very popular messaging tool in China that can send voice messages.

But the problem is, when we receive a long record, say one minute, you can't rewind or even know the topic of it.

You may need to play it back again and again wasting so many minutes just to listen a word clear. You can only play it back from the start.

You may choose to listen, or just ignore, especially those from public accounts.

Why not make it easier?

wechat + dictation

WeChat + rewind + dictation

By adding sound controls, you can rewind or fast forward as you wish.

By combining "dictation"(voice cognition), users can get a rudimentary summary of a record (not accurate but enough to guess) and are more likely to be interested in the content, benefiting advertisers or public accounts.

Think twice

Dictation may be not so practical for WeChat as sound controls, considering accuracy and privacy.

As transcription is more important in lectures and meetings, it can be timesaving when added along with sound recording apps. Usually a 15 minutes record takes up hours of work.

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